Pelvic Floor Recovery

Exercise and your Pelvic Floor

‘Pelvic floor friendly exercising’ is a term that all women need to become familiar with in order to prevent further, unnecessary damage to their pelvic floors through exercising. It refers to exercising according to the strength of their pelvic floor and trying to avoid excessive descent of the internal organs- the bladder, uterus and rectum- due to stress and pressure from certain exercises which can cause prolapse and incontinence problems. This is covered extensively in both books.

It is such an important concept to embrace when exercising following childbirth and especially when you have had any gynaecological or colorectal repair surgery and even following a hysterectomy.

Exercising is critical to good health and is essential to continue throughout your life. If you have had significant pelvic floor injuries following childbirth then being aware of what exercises may cause problems is helpful for preventing further compromise to bladder, bowel and pelvic health.

One of the biggest sources of referrals to pelvic health physiotherapists is when women have developed some type of prolapse after joining a gym or exercising beyond the strength of their pelvic floor. This is particularly important following any gynaecological or colorectal repair surgery or even simply a hysterectomy. Read the information in the book you choose to gain insight into whether you need to make some changes to your exercise choices.

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